Stories of A Different Nature, Volume 1: Date With A Chair by Tom Reitze

Date with a Chair


A top ten Amazon Kindle best-seller within the first three weeks of it’s release!

Enter the world of Stories of a Different Nature. Beginning with Date With a Chair, you will be introduced to paranormal and moral dilemmas, mysteries, and the supernatural. The chair in this story is no ordinary chair and not one that many would want to be seated in. The characters certainly don’t…

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Stories of A Different Nature, Volume 2: Bernice’s Bones by Tom Reitze

Bernice'sBonesTop 100 Dark Humor best-seller in Amazon Kindle store!

Jasper misses Bernice. Well, not really. She’s dead but visits him every year, causing him nothing but irritation and exasperation. You see, not ALL of Bernice visits, just her bones. How does Jasper deal with Bernice and her bones? Find out in the darkly humorous Volume 2 of Stories of a Different Nature.

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Stories of A Different Nature, Volume 3: Pejito by Tom Reitze



On a shelf, amidst the clutter of tchotchkes from mundane to fascinating hangs a marionette. It appears to be a relic of an earlier age with the face of clown. Why, of all of the tokens in the room does this one have an air of evil around it?

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Deklyn, a novella by Tom Reitze




This “between the Stories of a Different Nature” novella started as just a another story. Deklyn demanded that there was more than those few words to his tale. An escape from a life of beatings; a journey in a desolate desert; unimaginable powers; and forces beyond all understanding await you. Deklyn would like you to read it. At one time, he could have made you read it, but now it is your choice.

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Stories of A Different Nature, Volume 4: Zenzanthium by Tom Reitze

zen (2)


Mrs. Bagley wanted to have the best garden. In fact, she was willing to do anything for the recognition… even plant the Zenzanthium.


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Stories of A Different Nature, Volume 5: Maurice Berrly by Tom Reitze




There are some nasty people around. Then there are some really nasty people. Why that is? Who can say? But it seems as if these obnoxious beings delight in making everyone else as miserable as, well, they are themselves. And that’s pretty miserable.

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Stories of a Holiday Nature: Thanksgiving by Tom Reitze




A frazzled mother, a dazed father, a Grandpa who says whatever he wants, and twins both named Alex are a family destined to celebrate Thanksgiving with unwanted guests, a lot of wine, the police, and a pitbull. It’s that kind of holiday.

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Stories of a Different Nature: The Anthology

anthology (4)

The Stories of a Different Nature series has gathered its 5 paranormal tales into one spooky anthology. As a special gift, a brand new – never released story, The Radio, has been added!

Who is Maurice Berrly and why is he so mean? Who has a Date with a Chair? Will you get pricked by The Zenzanthium? Will Zhivko Dimitrova’s Pejito give you nightmares? What would you do if Bernice’s Bones showed up in YOUR closet? And finally, what is the deadly secret of The Radio?

Horror, paranormal activity, and dark humor prevail in Stories of a Different Nature.

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