Tom Reitze author of stories

Thomas Reitze, who much prefers Tom, worked for thirty years as an electrical technician then engineer for a Fortune 500 company. He produced designs used in numerous copying and printing machines. One of his designs ended up as a million seller, used in more than one million machines. Now he would like to write one million stories.

His love of doing design work sprouted from his need to be constantly creating; making something new that didn’t exist before. He also dabbled in painting for a number of years, but sold very few of his finished productions. However, in the joy of creating he found great satisfaction, reaffirming that the act itself was its own reward.

After that, lying in bed one night, he had an idea for a book that might be interesting to write. He started on it, a process that took three years to complete. The book is finished but not edited, and may be released in a few years after it is “cleaned up.” However, as often is the case for Tom, he has become sidetracked from that task and moved on to a new one. He decided to put to gather a collection of short stories instead. Once started, he found it hard to stop. He now holds a collection of around twenty (maybe more) completed stories and many more in the pipeline.

Tom lives alone with his twenty pound cat Horus. Over the years he has collected a lot of “junk” that is scattered around his house. From an actual (legal) piece of the moon, to a few Egyptian items, some going back to about one-thousand B.C., to numerous wood carved dragons, and to a Chinese opium scale from perhaps the mid eighteen-hundreds–it’s all there and much more.

His favorite food is Chicken French, he enjoys music from the sixties and seventies, Native American flute music and what people refer to as boring new age music. He does not appreciate jazz. His favorite author is Tony Hillerman. He hates TV, doesn’t have cable, and his only TV is a small analog color unit more than thirty years old, and an eleven inch black and white receiver that is older yet. He is not a fan of video games or movies, but is interested in documentaries about science, archaeology, and the mysterious past of ancient civilizations. He tries to, but never expects, that he will understand the duality of light, Einstein’s theory of relativity, or the nature of dark matter and energy.

He spends most of his time writing and rewriting, then editing his work. Regardless of the outcome of that work, good or bad, as long as he has a keyboard in front of him he is happy.
Tom’s favorite place, which he holds near and dear to him, is the Adirondack Mountains in New York, where he has vacationed many times. You will find the setting for many of his short stories in that location or a landscape that is similar.

Tom is not sure of the existence of a ‘Great Spirit.’ He ponders evidence for and against the Overriding Power. Some of his stories show that struggle. He hopes someday he will get a definitive answer.

His answer, though–not someone else’s that he is expected to accept just because they say so.